CCAC November 5th 2015 Meeting – David Bowden

When I was a kid, I could almost always be found knee deep in a river, creek, or pond (at least between the months of March and October, anyway). I always had an aquarium even when times were tough, and it always contained an array of animals native to the Midwest. I never grew out of my fascination with aquatic life, and that eventually led me to do what I do now. I had a lot of other jobs and business ventures, but my heart was never really in any of them. Everyone tells you do do what you love, but what if what you love is catching fish, crawdads, and turtles so you can watch them in your aquarium? Unfortunately, “aquarium enthusiast” isn’t really something you can list on your resume. So, I finally settled with a job at UPS as a bulk package handler...

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CCAC October 1st 2015 Meeting – Ric Perez

Ric Perez is giving a talk on breeding cichlids with main focus on Central/South American and Madagascar. This is one not to miss.

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CCAC September 3rd 2015 Meeting – Darrell Ullisch

CCAC July 2015 Monthly Meeting
Darrell Ullisch
Topic – Rivulus: Not Just Little Brown Fish!

Darrell Bio pic

Darrell Ullisch Bio:

I have always had an interest in animals, and started catching anything I could from an early age. When I was 14 I caught and kept several snakes, but was forced to release them before winter. That Christmas my mother bought me an aquarium in the hope that I would find fish more interesting than snakes. It worked-maybe too well. I’ve been breeding and studying fish ever since, almost 50 years. In this time I have counted myself extremely lucky to have made the acquaintance of many scientists, collectors, and experts of the hobby, and Charlie Grimes, too.

My expertise has bounced around, and thanks to my association with all those experts I am fairly knowledgeable in many area...

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